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RaP flyer final2

Ramadhan ala Prancis di IFI Surabaya

Photography Competition..Must be Followed!

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Lomba Fotografi “Bhineka Tunggal Ika – E Pluribus Unum”

Deadline : 14 Juli 2013

INFO LENGKAP : www.facebook.com/surabaya.usconsulate



For hundreds of audience members at Balai Sarbini in South Jakarta, the Korean contemporary dance show recently staged as part of the ASEAN Korea Festival, was more than just a dance show.

They laughed at the jokes the dancers made, they watched carefully as the dancers did their semi-theatrical comedy act, they even clapped their hands as the dancers performed their dynamic movements.

Laughter filled the air when EDx2 Dance Company opened their act with a comedic mime routine performed by two dancers through Modern Feeling dance.

While the audience expected more humor, the dancers unpredictably started to dance, surprising the audience with their unusual movements.

Modern Feeling dance features diverse forms such as hip hop, martial arts and acrobatics, which are used to portray everyday behavior — encounter, conflict, competition and indifference — through elaborate arrangements.

The dance routine, choreographed by Lee In-soo, has been widely performed at the world’s premier theaters and festivals in Spain, Poland, Germany, the US, Mexico and Cuba.

After their refreshing performance, another dance troop called Eun-Ju Shin Dance Company entertained the

Clad in white Korean-style costumes, four dancers performed Majigut, a Shaman ritual that has been practiced since ancient times. Among the many variations of gut, Majigut is the most important to all shamans because it is held only once a year, or every three years.
The dance portrays a ritual dance that is meant to purify the injustices of contemporary society through a reinterpretation of the original gut procedures and formalities.

Traditional drummers also livened up the Majigut dance.

The hall was dimly lit when the dance was over, but it did not last long.

The stage lights came back on, highlighting 10 dancers that appeared on the floor before they got onto the stage to perform What We’ve Lost.

The What We’ve Lost dance examines themes of imagination and reality, fantasy and illusion, and retrospection and memory, by setting up a plot on the stage combined with expressive dance movements derived from mime.

Dancers dressed as schoolgirls, kids and neighborhood hoodlums appeared in the first scene to create a crowd of people. They played imaginary football with an invisible ball.

Each character in the dance used mime movements that became more animated and faster minute after minute.



There is definitely a fine line between insanity and genius.

Scientists, who were most commonly attached with those attributes, had somehow contributed to the major scientific and technological advancements we have today. So, what about this proposition of living on Mars?

About 78,000 people have registered to move out from the Earth in a one way trip to the red planet, which is projected to start in 2023. Project leader, Bas Lansdrop from the Netherland, will have his first communication satellite launched in January 2016 as the first phase to set up human settlements on Mars. Later they will construct all the daily life necessities: bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, gardens and fields. This futuristic project is known as Mars One.

A team of the world’s high-ranking space scientists, researchers, engineers and designers were invited to make Mars One succeed. So does the presence of economists and communicators from all over the globe in the advisory team create a strong base for the dream-like plan. Support has also come from 1999 Nobel laureate and physicist Gerard ‘t Hooft.

This mission is conducting a global open spaceman recruitment program in 2013. One needs neither military nor scientific background to join, but they must be trained for a eight year period, which is for free. Those over 18 years of age along with five keys characteristics of resiliency, adaptability, curiosity, trust ability, and resourcefulness, moreover who pass some medical and physical requirements, may apply for this.

Indonesia so far has two applicants for this mission: a 22 year-old chemistry undergraduate student Rio Febrian who currently resides in Missouri, and a 35 year-old computer technician Aldo Junus.

Rio Febrian revealed his rationale to go on the mission through an uploaded video, “I would like go to Mars because it has been my dream. Since I was little, my biggest dream was to actually go to a different planet, and I am a very curious person. I am studying chemistry right now, I love research, and I have pretty strong math, so I hope that will help.”

Stating his reason through the same channel, Aldo Junus revealed his interest in exploring new things. He believes that his courage, intelligence and strong personality would be a perfect combination to succeed in the mission. In addition to that, Aldo wishes to be the first groom to marry in a foreign planet.

These videos respond to questions such as: why do you want to go to mars? What is your sense of humor? And what makes you the ideal candidate. They function as one of the requirements to be one of Mars One’s astronauts too, as well as the application fee. If this is a calling, one may want to apply no later than August.

Playing it safe by using existing technology instead of creating new ones does not make this project free from criticism, especially for its dubious business plan. The non-profit work gets its major funding from a planned reality TV show broadcast from Interplanetary Media Group. A Number of companies have signed as sponsors too, and public donations will follow later.

Mars One presentations have taken place in the US and Europe apart all through this year, except in February. Meanwhile its global campaign has gone viral since May 2012, its YouTube video has now gone beyond 1.3 million viewers.

For Futurists, astronomers, skeptics, believers and curious, the applicants.mars-one.com website is the answer. Visitors can find inclusive info, donate, apply for future residency or get short-listed to be the pioneer astronauts.

Whether one views it as insanity or genius, Mars One is real science fiction. Maybe one day you will have a cute
singing alien-pet. One will never know, but one may believe.