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The Joger branded products is one of the unique breakthrough in the corporate world that who has the words into a brand factory words synonymous with Bali Island. With excellent product quality so it is very incomplete if you do not come to Joger when vacation to Bali. Almost every day this place was filled with local and foreign tourists, especially when the holiday season arrives.

At this time, Joger has about 150 employees that ready to serve the visitors and complete with smiles and friendliness. In addition, Joger also employs many people with disabilities so that they are able to work to make ends meet. Joger established on January 19, 1981, which since that time it has the name of the copyright of Joger that expressly limit the purchase of their product, banning the sale and trademarked all Joger products and signed as a commodity that to be traded in outside of Joger outlets .

Mr Joger so familiar call for Joseph Theodorus Wulianadi ,he is the founder of Joger Brand, that the name is a merger two letters between Joseph Theodorus and Wulianadi with 3 letter name that gave him a wedding gift in mount of U.S. 20,000 ,he was Mr. Gerhard Seeger. And finally Joger name is memorable and uniquely coupled with their typical greeting that always in every time.

Beginning with only USD $50, Mr Joger started his business with a series of her own words. However, today many people have to queue at Joger to buy it. This product was the first made by him on T-shirts with the word “shopping or not we still thank you”.

Establishment of firm to always maintain the authenticity of the Joger brand on Bali Island, it was seen from all products that produced by Joger can not be purchased on outside of Bali Island, so if there is anyone wears Joger products that means he had been holiday in Bali.

Because of use quality materials make all the products that produced by Joger is not inferior to foreign goods brand like Billabong or Quick Silver, but the prices is remain affordable for the Indonesian people. Currently the facilities is available in the Joger Store like culinary, art shop, restrooms and good parking area for visitors,

Joger was approximately 11 km from Denpasar Bali so it only about 20 minutes if you traveling alone then you can instantly shopping for many Joger products . Many wonderful impression that you will receive when visiting this island, not just the natural beauty and cultural attractions , but a variety of fruit for your relatives people not less interesting in here.

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