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Monthly Archives: Juli 2013

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Joan of Arc

1. Joan’s real name was Jehanne d’Arc, Jehanne Tarc, Jehanne Romée or possibly Jehanne de Vouthon—but she didn’t go by any of these.
Joan didn’t hail from a place called Arc, as the typical Anglicization of her father’s surname, d’Arc (sometimes rendered as Darc or Tarc), might imply. Instead, Jehanne—or Jehanette, as she was known—grew up in Domrémy, a village in northeastern France, the daughter of a farmer and his devoutly Catholic wife. During her trial before an ecclesiastical

Narotama’s Lecturer Participate in International Seminar

One of Narotama University lecturer Ario Muhammad Secretary of Civil Engineering study program has participate in two International Seminar. The first seminar is 2013 International Conference on network and computing technology (ICNCT) which held on Mei 12th -14th in Seoul, South Korea. In this seminar Mr.Ario Muhammad presented a papper entitled “Java language program application on predicting the next earthquake in Indonesia” in front of researcher from Malaysia, France, South Korea, USA, Taiwan and Tahiland.

Selangor History

Selangor’s history dates to the 16th century, when rich tin deposits were found in the region. The area’s natural wealth, along with its relative freedom from the presence of the Dutch, attracted miners, immigrants and colonizers. One especially important group of settlers were the Bugis, a Malay people from Macassar (now Ujung Padang) in Celebes. Bugis emigration from this great port city followed the steady encroachment of the Dutch over territory previously

Ramadhan ala Prancis di IFI Surabaya