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The Australia Awards include:

AusAID’s Australia Awards, which provide long and short term opportunities to enhance leadership, knowledge and technical skills for individuals from partner governments, tertiary institutions and strategic organisations that are driving sustainable development.
Endeavour Awards, which provide a range of opportunities for study, research and professional development focusing on strengthening education linkages, skills and knowledge throughout the region.
Over time, the Australia Awards are helping to build enduring links between Australia and a new generation of international leaders for the 21st century.

Australia Awards in Indonesia

Australia’s international development assistance in Indonesia aims to work in partnership with the Government of Indonesia (GOI) to achieve a prosperous, democratic and safe nation by implementing Indonesia’s National Medium Term Development Plan. AusAID’s Australia Awards are aligned with Australia’s development assistance in Indonesia, targeting human resource gaps in identified priority sectors. They aim to provide awardees with the skills and knowledge to drive change and influence economic and social development. AusAID will assess applicants for their professional and personal qualities, academic competence and, most importantly, their potential to impact on development challenges in Indonesia. AusAID offers awards on the basis of merit, transparency and equal access. We strongly encourage applications from women, people with disability and people from AusAID geographic focus areas—Papua, West Papua, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Nusa Tenggara Timur and Aceh

Supplementary Program

Australia Awards Leadership Program

Up to 200 outstanding Australia Awards Scholarship recipients across the globe will be offered a place in the Australia Awards Leadership Program in addition to their scholarship. The program brings awardees together in Australia for leadership training, development discussions and the chance to build valuable networks. The Australia Awards Leadership Program is supplementary to the Australia Awards Scholarships.

Allison Sudradjat Prize

The top Australia Award Scholarship recipients from Indonesia and PNG may also be eligible to receive an Allison Sudradjat Prize.

Source : http://australiaawardsindo.or.id/ Please visit the website for more infos. Apllication for 2014 intake is open!!

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