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Timor Leste Performance, A Shocking Beauty

Friday, May 3rd 2013 was a historical day for Timorese students at Narotama University. They were performing Timor Leste’s traditional song and dance for the first time in front of international students in Surabaya. The event was held in Airlangga University, as one of the series of ASAIHL (Association of Southeast Asian Institution of Higher Learning) besides seminars, and International office meeting and attended by many public and private universities in Surabaya.
 International Students Performance aimed  to expose Indonesian culture to foreign students. Furthermore it allowed  foreign students to experience learning Indonesian dances and songs and performing the result in front of the audience.
Narotama University participated as one of the guest star while the others were competing to win the best place, such as ITS and UK Petra University.  Timor Leste students performance was successfully grabbed many attention since no such performance has ever shown to Surabaya’s public before and that the performance could represent the culture and pride of being citizen of Timor Leste. 8 native Timor Leste students were singing the song ‘Ego Lemos’ that describe nature beauty of the country, continued by ‘To’os Nain’ Dance which pictured the life of majority population of Timor Leste as farmer. The dance also illustrated the worship to God, celebrating their harvest. Overall the performance felt very authentic and touching. It is not easy to become the youngest country in Asia, but that day those students prove they have the spirit and faith for the country.

Narotama University support this spirit by having them perform the dance on the upcoming convocation, that will invite officials from Timor Leste Educational Ministry. IRO Narotama University has been setting a path to cooperate with them in terms of leadership and self development program for Timor Leste students, considering that they too have the right and potential to address future challenges properly.(A!)

See you all next year!

See you all next year!

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