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Kartini is a Phenomenal Woman

President of Expatriate Women’s Association of Surabaya (EWAS) Michaela Newnham Monserrate tells us that the United States is a country that adheres to ‘freedom of choice’, including for women. The role of women there has been more widely recognized in quantity and quality. However the challenge for the future is that there are still a lot of women, related to their ‘dual role’ that are  more extensive. According to her, women can succeed as career women and housewives simultaneously. It is not easy, but successful female role as ‘domestic and social agent’ can go hand in hand with their partners support and culture in society. 
It was announced by Michaela Newnham Monserrate (wife of American Consul General to Surabaya, Joaquin F. Monserrate) in a Voice of Women “Empowering Women in Todays Multitasking Life” talk show held at Narotama University Plaza Building E on Saturday, April 20, 2013.
The event was opened by the Rector of Narotama University, Hj. Rr. Iswachyu Dhaniarti DS, ST. Talk Show to commemorate Kartini’s Day speakers were President of Expatriate Women’s Association of Surabaya (ewas) Michaela Newnham Monserrate, Lubna Algadrie a former President of Women International Club, and Chairman of  Bina Karya Tiara Foundation. The event is a collaboration between Narotama, Humanitarian Council (LK) ESQ East Java, Narotama Women’s Club, Women’s International Club, Bina Karya Tiara Foundation, and EWAS.
Beginned with english poetry reading by Fitriana (Narotama Economic Faculty student) who delivered a message that a woman is a phenomenal figure. Every woman should feel that she is phenomenal. Reog Ponorogo performance was next on the list,  “Singo Mangku Joyo” Bujang Ganong its attractions as a race that showed their dancing skills. After their performance, two players from reog Singo Barong held the Rector and Michaela Newnham Monserrate in the head Singo Barong. For art performance there was also a separate entertainment from team personnel are costumed event as Warok Bujang Ganong and serving treats ‘snacks’ for guests with traditional dances.
Algadrie Lubna said, Kartini’s Indonesian woman who revolutionized thinking about the importance of education as well as paving the way for self-actualization in society. Modern Kartini was a clever woman, creative, and able to put herself in terms of her nature. [Ger]

Photo: Hj. Rr. Iswachyu Dhaniarti DS, ST (center) with Michaela Newnham Monserrate and Lubna Algadrie.

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