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French Language Introductory Class at Narotama

“Comment tu t’appelle?” Said Pierre Yves.
“Je m’appelle Irma,” said Irma.
That was a dialogue between Pierre Yves with Irma, lecturer of Institute Francais Indonesia in Surabaya in the “French Language Introductory Class” which took place at the Conference Hall 2nd Floor of Narotama University, Tuesday (16/4) afternoon. 
The introduction of French language classes attended by employees and students of Narotama University. Like any other foreign language learning, the atmosphere of introductory class is colored with unique moments and sometimes funny. That is because the pronunciation of the letters of the french alphabet  is different from the pronunciation in Indonesian.
Atmosphere lightened when there is an interactive dialogue between Pierre Yves with participants. Although sometimes there is a mistake, the correct pronunciation is delivered by Pierre Yves. While Irma said, learning the French language is very easy. Because without us knowing it, we often use a lot of vocabulary from French.
Rector Hj. Rr. Iswachyu Dhaniarti DS, ST said that Narotama has paved the way for students to learn French. All students have to take advantage of this opportunity to improve the quality and mastery of the French language. It is also an opportunity for students and employees receive a scholarship and continued his studies at the French State.
After the “French Language Introductory Class”, the French course will be open for two classes, each class is limited to 15 people. More information can contact Narotama Language Center (NLC), and podjok French at Narotama University Library Building A 2nd Floor .[Ger]

Photo: Pierre Yves asked a participant to use the French language.

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