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Entrepreneur Education as the Fundamental of Flexible Entrepreneurs

The most important challenge in the higher education and training is to focus for the work. This is related to the ability of students taking the new economic challenges, the knowledge and skills for life. The main basis of the quality of human capital that increases the work can be built through entrepreneurship education. 
This was revealed by Prof. Emeritus Dato ‘Dr. Zainai B Mohamed, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Senior Lecturer, a general lecture “Innovative and Entrepreneurial Mindset in a Global World” at the Conference Hall 2nd Floor of Narotama University, Thursday, April 11, 2013.
According Zainai B Mohamed, entrepreneurship education is a driver of human resources. Entrepreneurship education should be a compulsory subject there. in college. It is about learning by doing, learning experiences where students are able to gain important new skills.
In entrepreneurial learning experience, further Zainai B Mohamed, learners will capture the real experience, observe and contemplate, the formation of abstract concepts and testing in new situations. Be job creators and not job seekers.
“Learning and processes as an entrepreneur, instead of learning about entrepreneurs,” he said. [Ger]

Photo: Prof. Emeritus Dato ‘Dr. Zainai B Mohamed in general lecture lecture “Innovative and Entrepreneurial Mindset in a Global World” at the University Narotama, Thursday (11/4).

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