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Director of IFI Visit Podjok Prancis Narotama

Cooperation Counsellor & Director of the Institute Francais Indonesia (IFI) from the French Embassy Jakarta, Mr. Bertrand de Hartingh and the Director of IFI Surabaya Mathieu Dumesnil visited Podjok Prancis Narotama University on Wednesday (27/3). Rector Hj. Rr. Iswachyu Dhaniarti DS, ST immediately welcomed the arrival of the guests at the University Library Building A 2nd floor of Narotama University.
Mr. Bertrand de Hartingh revealed that the purpose of the visit was to introduce themselves and talk about the cooperation between the IFI and the University Narotama. According to him, this cooperation between the Indonesian government and French has already very well established. There are currently 1100 students from Indonesia studying at France, they are composed of Bachelor, Master and Doctorate. Of that amount, a total of 300 students, including a college with a scholarship. In addition to college students because of the scholarship, the French government also subsidizes education.
“Do not be afraid of expensive, tuition in French is pretty cheap as it gets subsidies from the government,” said Bertrand. He invited interested students to continue studying Narotama in France.
Podjok Prancis itself launched on March 11, 2013, marked by a ribbon cutting by the Surabaya City Vice Mayor Bambang Dwi Hartono once Narotama University Board of Trustees, Rector Hj. Rr. Iswachyu Dhaniarti DS, ST and IFI Director Mr Surabaya. Mathiew Dumesnil.
Podjok Prancis provide extensive information to the students and faculty about French, which is related to education, culture, and the introduction of the French language. French also open to the public, so that the general public who want to know more about French country could come to this place. [ger]

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