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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Kartini is a Phenomenal Woman

President of Expatriate Women’s Association of Surabaya (EWAS) Michaela Newnham Monserrate tells us that the United States is a country that adheres to ‘freedom of choice’, including for women. The role of women there has been more widely recognized in quantity and quality. However the challenge for the future is that there are still a lot of women, related to their ‘dual role’ that are  more extensive. According to her, women can succeed as career women and housewives simultaneously. It is not easy, but successful female role as ‘domestic and social agent’ can go hand in hand with their partners support and culture in society. 

French Language Introductory Class at Narotama

“Comment tu t’appelle?” Said Pierre Yves.
“Je m’appelle Irma,” said Irma.
That was a dialogue between Pierre Yves with Irma, lecturer of Institute Francais Indonesia in Surabaya in the “French Language Introductory Class” which took place at the Conference Hall 2nd Floor of Narotama University, Tuesday (16/4) afternoon. 

Entrepreneur Education as the Fundamental of Flexible Entrepreneurs

The most important challenge in the higher education and training is to focus for the work. This is related to the ability of students taking the new economic challenges, the knowledge and skills for life. The main basis of the quality of human capital that increases the work can be built through entrepreneurship education. 

Director of IFI Visit Podjok Prancis Narotama

Cooperation Counsellor & Director of the Institute Francais Indonesia (IFI) from the French Embassy Jakarta, Mr. Bertrand de Hartingh and the Director of IFI Surabaya Mathieu Dumesnil visited Podjok Prancis Narotama University on Wednesday (27/3). Rector Hj. Rr. Iswachyu Dhaniarti DS, ST immediately welcomed the arrival of the guests at the University Library Building A 2nd floor of Narotama University.